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Our Tax Accountants Make the Difference

AVM Tax has been serving US Citizens and US Expatriates for over many years and is currently able to provide over the United States, in order to meet all your tax preparation and financial planning needs.

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Our accuracy is guaranteed for life

To ensure the accuracy of your return, AVM Tax professionals employ a rigorous safeguard system and double check each return for errors. If we do make an error on your tax return, we will either reimburse your tax preparation charges OR any interest and penalties charged on additional taxes due (whichever is lower). We cannot, however, assume liability for the additional taxes. Any additional taxes due are the responsibility of the taxpayer. Please remember that it is your responsibility to provide us with all relevant information for the preparation of your tax return.

If at any point in time your income tax return is audited, AVM Tax will help you every step of the way at no extra cost!

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Why Choose Us?

We find people more interesting than numbers.

Using our skills and experience we help our clients realise their dreams and aspirations. Your business, your finances and your future are what matter to us, and by understanding what you want to achieve, we can help.
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Trust Worthy

Your security is our #1 priority.Your data is encrypted both in transit and on our servers. Only you are able to unlock it using your password.


Were a small team of experts who care an incredible amount about what we do. We're dedicated to building the BEST


Whatever type of tax return you need filed, we can prepare it for you, ensuring full compliance with IRS. We have all the forms waiting for you and will do it all quickly and easily.


We offer professional taxation and accounting services and are known for our expertise and depth in handling various issues. A team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals forms AVM Tax.